Ox-Head Village (2022)

Ox-Head Village (2022)


The third film from the Village of Terror series, following on from "Inonaru Village" (2020) set in Kyushu and "Jukai Village" in Fuji (2021). This installment is set at the feared psychic spot of Tsubono Mineral Springs in the Hokuriku region. Claiming to be "the worst horror movie in Japanese history", this latest chapter aims to continue spreading a chain of fear around the world.

Country: Japanese

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre:Drama; Horror; Mystery; Supernatural;

Airs: August 01, 2022


Tanaka Naoki (1971), Horiuchi Keiko (1971), Matsuo Satoru (1975), Maro Akaji (1943), Hagiwara Riku (1999), Imou Haruka (1997), Otani Rinka (1999), Takahashi Fumiya (2001), Riko (2002), Kimura Mitsuki (Koki) (2003)

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