Big Mouth (2022)

Big Mouth (2022)

Other name: 親愛的, 我愛上別人了親愛的陌生人Qing Ai De, Wo Ai Shang Bie Ren LeQing Ai De Mo Sheng Ren닥터 로이어Dagteo LoieoDr. Lawyer빅마우스Big MauseuBig Mouse


Park Chang Ho works as a lawyer with a measly 10% winning rate. He is a talkative person and, because of this people call him Big Mouth. He happens to get involved in a murder case and he is somehow fingered as genius swindler Big Mouse. Due to this, Park Chang Ho finds himself in a life-threatening situation.

Meanwhile, Go Mi Ho is Park Chang Ho’s wife and she works as a nurse. She has a beautiful appearance and a personality that is both wise and brave. She helped her husband become a lawyer by supporting him financially and psychologically. Go Mi Ho learns that Park Chang Ho is suspected to be the genius swindler Big Mouse and attempts to clear her husband's name.

Country: Korean

Status: Upcoming

Released: 2022

Genre:Drama; Family; life; Mature; Corruption; Drama; Law; Medical; Suspense; Thriller; Conspiracy; Crime; Drama; Investigation; Law; Murder; Mystery; Thriller;

Airs: July 23, 2022


Lee Jong Seok (1989), Lee Yoo Joon (1982), Im Yoon Ah (1990), Kwak Dong Yeon (1997), Oh Eui Shik (1983), Ok Ja Yeon (1988), Kim Joo Heon (1980), Kim Dong Won (1984), Yang Kyeong Won (1981), Park Se Hoon (1990)

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