Anna (2022)

Anna (2022)

Other name: 두번째 안나수지Dubeonjjae AnnaThe Second Anna


Yoo Mi is the woman who tells a small lie and ends up living someone else’s life. Hyun Joo is a woman who lives her life holding herself above everyone, treating them with neither kindness nor malice. She has a subtly tense relationship with Yoo Mi. Ji Hoon is Yoo Mi’s husband who is ambitious and future-oriented. Ji Won is a dependable senior who is the only person whom Yoo Mi trusts.

Country: Korean

Status: Completed

Released: 2022

Genre:Drama; Miniseries; Suspense; Thriller;

Airs: July 23, 2022


Suzy (1994), Kim Soo Jin (1974), Jeong Eun Chae (1986), Kim Jeong Yeong (1972), Kim Joon Han (1983), Baek Ji Won (1973), Woo Ji Hyeon (1986), Park Ye Yeong (1989)

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